Hmm…. Funny looking herb spiral… Brought a smile on my face today when I saw it! :-)

It took us one day to construct the first herb spiral at Moonriver lodge and on the very first night it collapsed under the pressure of the heavy monsoon rainfall.  As I am writing now, our resident builders, Bohara and Meen are reconstructing it.

Herb spirals are established for growing of many different herbs in a confined area.  The small area is ideal for harvesting and watering.  The spiral and light differenes caused by it creates different environmental conditions suitable for different herbs to flourish.

Our herb spiral is made out of a structure of rock  which absorbs the heat of the sun through the day which in turn heats the soil.  The top of the spiral gets more sun and has significantly more drainage than the lower parts.  We have incorporated a small pond at the bottom of the spiral for growing of watercress.  The small pond will also allow frogs and toads to breed.  I have introduced orchids to the face of the spiral to maximise planting.

By Ranger Optimus Prime


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