One Friday

I suppose it was totally foolish of me to think that Moonriver Lodge was just about the forest. Everything is so inter-connected that you couldnt do one without fixing all the other broken parts as well.

In 2009, we created ONE FRIDAY, A BUDDY WALK OF SORTS. It’s on 17 host families brought 48 corporate volunteers to homes, schools, therapy centres, adult enhancement centres, playgrounds, hospitals and even Sentosa. We did it over two Fridays. We didn’t do anything special, we just did what we would do one Friday and we shared it. The walks were intensely personal and immediately transformational. We collected images, voices and made community youtube videos. The Acting Minister of MICA in Singapore attended our grand premiere. I cried throughout the 6 months process.  There is still a zone I can’t enter without tearing up and I don’t know why.

For all who care and commit to inclusion – Because if we don’t even try, too many important things remain unsaid and the best of life passes us by – just like that.

-Poet-Artist Ranger PEK 


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