A Tiny Branch – Standing Tall

 I just watched Carl Sagan’s video on evolution. yoism.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl89HIJ6HDo. We are but a tiny branch on a 4 billion old tree. Yet we are affecting all the other branches. Time is much, much longer than our 70-100 years of finite human life. Homo sapiens have successfully clobbered out ancestral cousins; let’s not clobber whatever little diversity that is left. Out of sheer degradation – moral & intellectual decadence. There is the internet now; there is no reason for not being aware. Re-study the gaps in our organised learning.  Let’s not drop the “DNA baton”. It’s in EACH and EVERYONE’s HANDS. And quit saying you can’t afford to do whatever you need to do or that you don’t have time or bandwidth. To ensure the continuity of 4 BILLION years.


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