What can we do for the Temiars?

Our COMMITMENT to help the Temiar include the following:

– Providing WORK, hence income for them by utilising their craftsmanship and skill in simple construction at the Lodge.
– Providing INCOME for them through purchasing bamboo as natural material of construction from their deft forest clearing skills
– Provide higher PROFITS, hence income by engaging them directly as Guides for the Rafflesia Flower Trek and Blowpipe Demonstration activities for Guests.

We PLAN to :

– Harness their skills as hunter-gatherers to help collect useful forest seedlings for our Forest Seedling Nursery in our efforts to rejuvenate the forest and establish natural corridors, supporting the biodiversity of wildlife and flora in the jungle.
– Slowly educate the Guides to learn simple English words to be able to converse directly with the Guests.


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