Ginseng-like Carrots

Our first carrot harvest would not make it to the supermarkets or even the local grocery shops. Despite the distorted ginseng-like shape, the taste was unbelievably sweet with excellent flavour. In Roman and early medieval times, carrots were branched , like the roots of wild-types….. similar to Moonriver ones!

Carrots are extremely rich in beta carotene (vitamin A) and small amounts of vitamin E.  Carrot fly is the most serious problem. Intercrop carrots with onions to reduce attacks. Carrots also grow well with lettuce, radishes and tomatoes.

Beetroot and carrot juice is reported to prevent diarrhea.


2 thoughts on “Ginseng-like Carrots

  1. I smiled when I saw your carrots. They are just like the ones I harvested in my little backyard garden last summer. Mine had stayed in the ground for almost 12 months before they grew large enough to eat but they were so crisp and sweet when they finally were ready.

    I love your blog and the lodge is absolutely beautiful. God bless you for your work and for striving to sustain life!

    • Thank you! We are growing Australian round carrots now and they are still too young to harvest. The ginseng like ones smelled heavenly and our rabbits loved the tops!

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