A Kenyan Proverb

I saw this in one of the lodges in Kinabalu Base Camp. It is in line with our dreams for Moonriver Lodge – “For Our Children’s Children”.

If we don’t treasure it well, it can be taken away so quickly and transformed into yet another monstrosity for commercial agriculture which concentrates on maximising yield and profit margins, with little regard for our Earth, our Land and our Childrens’ Future.

Treat the earth well

It was not given to you

by your parents

it was loaned to you

by your children

– Kenyan Proverb –


One thought on “A Kenyan Proverb

  1. I absolutely agree with Kenyan proverb. We need to treat the earth with respect, and not abuse it. For our children’s children and the generations to come. Let all share this glorious earth.

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