Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table – Shakespeare

We hosted a group of Kelantanese Muslim visitors 2 days ago who were here for the Official Opening Ceremony of Lojing as a sub-district of Kelantan.

We were anxious and concerned if they would feel comfortable eating from our pork-free kitchen. Our concerns were washed away when they made themselves at home, helped themselves to the halal Ayamas chicken we bought from Ipoh, the home-cooked curry chicken, fresh stir-fried vegetables from our garden and fried rice. It was a rewarding and hearty meal as we tucked in together and converse in half English and broken Malay conversation over suppertime.

After the ceremony the next day, instead of going for tea across the road in teh halal mamak stalls, our Malay guests suggested going back to Moonriver Lodge for a simple tea as they felt more comfortable and “macam rumah sendiri” (at home). After date cakes, banana loaves, biscuits with ample flow of coffee and teh tarik, they asked if they could revisit with their families again. It was a rewarding and successful affair as we pulled through hosting our first Muslim guests and we’ll keep improving as we go along!


One thought on “Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table – Shakespeare

  1. This is what is called ” common humanity ” . If we stop discriminating amongst people , there would be no such thing as halal , not halal. To a hungry man .. food is sustenance.

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