Orang Asli Trap

A month ago I went for an impromptu mini trek with a few others,

It was really random though,

It so happened that they decided to trek some unchartered path,

So I tagged along (Which I wish shouldn’t have because I ended up with 3 blisters on my feet  as I was totally unprepared for trekking)Orang Asli Trap

Oh well, so, one of them came across this animal trap,  (I’ll call it Orang Asli Trap)

If we weren’t careful enough,

One of us might get injured – our foot trapped in a hole or something,

Thank goodness I brought a camera with me (Told you it was impromptu) and I snapped these two shots,

They do looked pretty scary eh,

I believe they wanted to catch some wild boars or other animals in the forest,

It’s definitely an eye-opener to all of us,

By the way,

To those who trek a lot,

Do be careful of these traps,

I’m sure you don’t want to end up like James Franco in ‘127 Hours’

(In case you haven’t watched this show, you guys should!)

If you ever encounter an Orang Asli,

Don’t be afraid of them,

They won’t bite you,

Don’t believe in all those old silly superstitious stories eg that they eat human meat or whatever,

They are the nicest people on earth,

Just smile at them and be off your way,

Good day guys!



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