Growing Potatoes In Old Tyres

I tasted our own garden grown potatoes fresh from our potato tower last year and I have been obsessed about growing potatoes ever since. 

At Moonriver Lodge we love to grow potatoes in potato towers constructed using old tyres.  You start by placing an old tyre on levelled ground, fill it up with good quality compost and then plant the seed potatoes in the compost.  Once the potatoes grow to about 1o to 12 inches tall, you can stack on another old tyre and fill it up compost. Continue this as the plant grows until you reach the third or fourth tyre.  When the potatoes start blooming after 40 to 70 days, you can begin to harvest new potatoes by removing the first tier tyre or you can wait until the plant begins to die and harvest all at once. Happy Planting!


One thought on “Growing Potatoes In Old Tyres

  1. Thanks PK and Billie for sharing this tip! Much learning to do…so much time wasted in school memorising useless dates and facts. I have so much to catch up. Bliss to you, philosopher farmers 🙂

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