Highly Underestimated Vegetable

It is quite rare to find an edible phyto food-on-the-table which is of high food value, edible from its tubers, stems, buds and leaves needs comparatively little care while growing, matures quickly, high food productivity per square feet space, easy to store, and have a quite palatable taste. This description fits the sweet potato or the Fun Shee Yip (Cantonese).
Do not underestimate the ‘cheapy’ sweet potato leaves (after all many farmers discard them after harvesting the tubers).

Why is it good?

– Generates a nice smoothie or greens juice for your alkalization needs.

– This versatile veggie is cheap and easy to grow. Just stick in the stalks anywhere in your garden and it will grow.

– A humble but rich food which should deserve the respect from those who understand and require the need for raw phyto greens to complement their daily health.
– Can cure Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
(where the retina becomes loose and degenerate at the center, occuring especially in the elderly and can lead to blindness)


– The sweet potato leaves are rich in Vitamin A (ideal for skin care!), fiber, and micro nutrients.

– They’re healthy for the blood. If your blood lacks redness, or if you have low-blood pressure, make sweet potato leaves a regular salad side dish.

– If you often lack sleep, eat them often.

– They’re also so good for remedying constipation.

– The leaves of sweet potato are ideal to help weight lost.
Overall, people in Asia with weak bodies and ill health are encouraged to often eat this herbal veggie. It improves health in many ways.

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