The Garden as a Learning Opportunity

 Gardening creates many opportunities for discovery and learning.

You can explore this with your children as a home-based activity or together with the school curriculum.

Some experiences with home gardening are: – Even a small harvest eg a handful of chillis, brings joy to the child. – Children enjoy being responsible and important.

If you involve them as food producers, you can count on them to help maintain the garden. – Gardening work and various garden-based activities provide opportunities for fun and learning among child and parent eg garden crafts, seed storage, doing a vegetable calendar etc. etc.

At Moonriver Lodge, the Gardening for Food Programme, is a simple introduction to basic gardening and learning where your food comes from. A chance to get those pretty hands dirty as you play with the soil and gently transplant young plants to the garden beds you had freshly and painstakingly prepared.

Of course, the reward of harvesting of vegetables and fruits is indeed satisfying.

The satisfaction factor doubles up when you even get to EAT the fruits of your labour or your personal harvest!




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