Bhaskar Save – India’s Fukuoka

Bhaskar Save(pronounced Saa-vay) has seized our attention with his vision of natural farming. Acclaimed as “Gandhi of Natural Farming“, he has seven decades of personal experience and his farm, Kalpavruksha, is a veritable food forest. Masanobu Fukuoka (another one of our respected pioneers) hailed it ” the best in the worldatural farming.

He reminds us about the simple and concise introduction to the philosophy and practice of natural farming with a sign from the gate to his 14 acre farm that says,

“Cooperation is the fundamental Law of Nature”

His 4 fundamental principles of natural farming reinforces and reminds us of our mission in Moonriver Lodge ie

1) All living creatures have an equal right to live i.e. farming must be non violent.

2) Everything in Nature is useful and serves a purpose in the Web of Life

3) Farming is a dharma, a sacred path of serving Nature and fellow creatures; it MUST NOT be a dhandha or money-oriented business.

4) The principle of perenniall fertility regeneration – humans have a right to only the fruits and seed of the crops we grow that constitutes 5%-15% of the plant biomass yield. The balance 85%-95% of the biomass, the crop residue, must go back to the soil to renew fertility as mulch or manure.

Very inspiring and one of the most outstanding personalities in the organic world.


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