Gallus gallus domesticus! They are getting a new home.

The story of our Chickens, Turkeys and Junglefowls.

It started off with a nice new home with only 8 “chooks” (generic term for chickens of all ages and sex)

Guarded jealously by 2 fierce but handsome white roosters

Lovely organic eggs from our good broody hens.

Then came the junglefowls for variety and diversity.

They became good friends and the chickens were happy

Went forth and multiplied. The population grew.

The little chicks transferred off to a chicken tractor home.

Then came the turkeys to increase diversity in our fowl community.

They REALLY multiplied and were super alarm clocks in the morning.

They grew huge and big and the coop became too conjested – like Hong Kong or Singapore.

The turkeys had to go.

So did the junglefowls, those beautiful birds.

Off they went to a new area at the top of the hill.

Condo living, with good views of the hills.

The Guests and Moonriver folks slept better and a bit longer in the mornings.

Fowl population control was needed

Christmas and Thanksgiving helped with that.

Accompanied with a prayer and a big thank you.

Now, everything in control but living space is still small.

Coop was demolished and replaced with a nice productive Permaculture Wormtower Garden

Built by the students from International School Brunei.

Hard work for those kids, but so fulfilling!

Patience, my dear chooks, patience!

Your new home will be ready soon.

Hope you will be happy and multiply

As we need fresh kampung eggs for brekkie and for my kids.

Gallus, gallus domesticus!


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