The staff at MRL are always pleased to share their little recipes with our Guests. We overdid it a little with our last group when we slotted in small cooking/baking demonstrations in their 3d2n itinerary.

On the first day, The Guests (esp the kids) had a whale of a time kneading the atta flour dough for “chappati” – there were 2 recipes shared- one with yeast and one without. The chappati was served for dinner and accompanied by a very special Devil Curry chicken recipe, made from fresh lemongrass, shallots, chillies from the Garden.

On the second day, the Guests learned a simple Malaysian banana “cekodok” recipe, which is one of our favorites. It was served for tea for immediate consumption. Fresh, hot and absolutely delicious. So popular, it was requested for breakfast the next day, before they check out.
Ten minutes before dinner time, a Thai “som tam” papaya salad was demonstrated. No Hands on here for the Guests as it must be fresh and um… As clean as possible!


Well, the mini cooking demos depend on the various staff/cook and garden/farmproduce at MRL during your time of visit, so it’s totally ad-hoc and complimentary, only if we have time to do it.
Just a special add-on to your stay and to share a piece of what we have with you to take home.

Happy, happy cooking everyone!


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