New Farm-Gate Stall



“Farm-Gate” was a wonderful name and concept we learned during our study and research trip in Melbourne last November. We adopted that from our previous name “Harvest Of the Day”.
The difference here is we manage the Farm-Gate stall INSIDE our lodge instead of leaving the stall outside our gates with only the fresh produce, money box for you to deposit the cash (upon trust) and the price list. If we do that, I’m afraid we may go home with an empty kitty box and stall!!!
We hope in time we’ll be able to do this through education and awareness.

Our small and humble stall was fitted beautifully in the empty space in front of the Waterfall Pavilion. It was such a natural after-breakfast activity on check-out day when Guests are in the mood to purchase our fresh organic and hrdrophonic produce and herbs direct from our Garden and Farm.
We pick the veggies on the very morning before departure to ensure you really have the freshest produce and near ZERO food miles!!
Any fresher, well……. You’ll really have to pick it Yourself!


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