New Cascading Pond

cascading pondEvery time you return, you will find a new feature at the Lodge.

Our latest addition last Christmas was a Cascading Fish Pond in front of the Kitchen Garden. It was specially designed by one of our Moonriver steward, PK. We planned to breed different species of edible fish in each water tier pool eg tilapia, lampang jawa, grass carp.
When our batch of new fish arrived, they were transferred gently to the new pond. Unfortunately, in a single day, nearly 50% of the batch perished as they could not acclimatize to the new environment. Obviously, the overly excited children did not help as they gave the fishes massive heart attacks with their fish nets and excited shouts.

The survivors are now slowly adapting and keeping a very low profile. Of course, the perished heroes gifted us with their fresh meat on our dinner table.
We have a nice wooden bench next to the pond for you to sit and meditate whilst you observe the fish. We’ll be getting more fish fries in to increase the population.


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