Fancy a cup of Woodworm & Honey Tea?



Artesmisia absinthiun is the botanical name for the Woodworm plant. Woodworm protects the liver against toxins and free radicals. It expels parasites from intestines and stomach besides commonly used as an “ulam”(salad) in Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine. The plant was picked fresh from our Keyhole Garden; chopped up, boiled and steeped. Honey was added to minimise the natural bitter taste of the plant.

The tea was then served in tiny cups to the eager Guests. They listened attentively to Aunty Ruby reeling off the medicinal and culinary purposes of the Woodworm plant as they sipped their tea hesitantly.

Herbal Tea Tasting – a new in-house activity designed to introduce our Guests to the lovely herbs and flowers we have at the Lodge which can be used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Our usual fresh herbal tea includes lemongrass, mint and ginger.

Some of the other more exotic tea introduced included Kaempferia Ginger and Lemon Tea, Cats Whiskers and Cinnamon Tea, Lemon Balm and Honey Tea.




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