Farm tour @ Moonriver lodge

Moonriver Lodge has teamed up with Food Forest Farm to offer in-house farm tours for our Guests.
The Guests will get a chance to visit the Organic and Hydroponic greenhouses, food forest and home gardens and understand our farming methodology and system.
A tractor ride or 4 wheel drive will help transport those who are not too keen to walk uphill.
Have fun with harvesting the produce and tasting the fresh and delicious taste of the fruit/ veggies which had been looked after tenderly by the farm staff.

At Food Forest Farm, we are committed to using the most natural and ecosystemic growing techniques to produce food which are not only WHOLESOME but SAFE to consume with FRESHNESS that will contribute good nutrition and support sustainable living.
We respect the interconnection and relationship between HUMAN, the EaRTH and all things ORGANIC and INORGANIC.

Advance booking and minimum pax applies. Please indicate if you wish this activity upon booking.





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