A historical milestone – Our first windmill

Wind turbineCarmaticThe pictures above show Peng Beng and Matthew charging their handphones using Mr Carmatic’s windmill and a photo of Carmatic, the inventor.

What an experience for Moonriver. We were first contacted by Mr Carmatic Frua in Mar-13. He has invented his own wind turbine and was looking for a place to install it. After traipsing around Malaysia, he decided that we’ll be the best place for his project.

As befitting our name as a Pioneer Lodge for people to create and experiment, we agreed to host his project and our first Guest CAMPER in Moonriver Lodge. He installed his windmill in 3 days. Harnessing the free wind energy, he installed some charger points for our staff to charge their handphone, batteries etc.According to him, there is minimal or practically no maintenance at all.

The wind turbine was generously donated to us by Mr Carmatic for our own use.

Extracted message from the inventor:

“Hello, thank you for this opportunity to let me camp and install the windmill on your land… It had been the best night of my life, it was a fulfillment of 2 years worth of working on the windmill, and I am proud and happy to see that the windmill is still working as intended, and most importantly, someone other than myself is using the electricity coming out of it!
I’m refining my next design. Given a good day of wind, these new windmills combined will be sufficient to charge a car battery in a reasonable amount of time, or power enough LED’s to light the greenhouses at night.
This is mainly due to a fundamental change in the design, from a purely magnetically levitated design as with the windmill I have already built, to a hybrid bearing and magnetic support design, where there are less magnets but they are much more focused on generating power rather than lifting the weight of the windmill, so some of the weight will be born by a bearing instead… Additionally, I will be using a different material which concentrates more of the magnetism into the coils so that they generate more power, this will sacrifice the lifting capacity of the magnets and it is the reason I had not done so on my current purely magnetically levitated windmill”

So, Mr Carmatic will be returning to Moonriver Lodge sometime soon to work on next model, our discussions are still ongoing. We are hoping to generate wind energy to power some of our greenhouses nearby someday.

For more information or link to Mr Carmatic’s design, please check out our Facebook.




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