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Starting from its humble beginnings of a small experimental Permaculture farm, the founders have gone on to establish the Food Forest Farm in August 2012. Food Forest Farm is a medium scale commercial farm with 13 greenhouses and outdoor terraces producing a mixture of hydroponic and organic crop. It also has a small fish farm producing Jade Perch, catfish and other variety of fishes.

Based on a heart for preserving Mother Nature for future generations and taking a lesson from the environmental degradation caused by irresponsible use of pesticides, we at Food Forest Farm and Moonriver Lodge hold by one core farming principle:

Safe food – No use of pesticides and harmful chemicals in our farm and gardens.

From farm to plate with zero food miles. Most of the vegetables in the meals served in Moonriver Lodge are freshly harvested with care from Food Forest Farm and the Lodge gardens.

Moonriver Lodge and Food Forest Farm are part of the same Sigar Highlands family. All the Moonriver Lodge farm activities are conducted together with Food Forest Farm. When you participate in any of our farm activities, essentially you’re becoming a part our FARMily.

Visit the Food Forest Farm website here:

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