Getting Here: Driving & Car Rental


Moonriver Lodge
Jalan Gua Musang

Please note that Moonriver Lodge is not located at Cameron Highlands, although we are about 20 minutes drive from the nearest town in Cameron Highlands. Our actual location is at Lojing, a small settlement in Kelantan.

Getting here: Driving

GPS Coordinates: N4.644566 E101.465148 (see Google Map below)

Click here to download the directions and map in PDF format.

If you are driving from the North-South Highway, follow the following directions:

Word of caution: Please fill up on petrol at Simpang Pulai or Brinchang before heading to Moonriver Lodge.
There are no petrol stations around our area.

  • Exit at Simpang Pulai, turn right to drive towards Ipoh
  • Look out for turning on the right towards Cameron Highlands at a traffic light junction
  • Stay on this road up a winding road through the mountains. The road leads to Gua Musang (Kelantan) and Cameron Highlands.
  • When you come to an intersection, DO NOT TURN RIGHT INTO CAMERON HIGHLANDS. Stay on the road and head towards Gua Musang.
  • After passing the intersection, you will pass by Blue Valley farms, a strawberry statue followed by a big mosque on the left.
  • When you see the mosque, look out for a SMALL Moonriver Lodge signage on the left. The sign bears the Moonriver Lodge logo (two dancing rabbits against a full yellow moon) and states a 10km marker.
  • Continue on the highway for another 5-10 minutes. You will pass a sign stating “Pejabat Tanah” and the SECOND Moonriver Lodge signage with the 1km marker.
  • Drive on until you see a turn off to the left with road barriers, lamp posts and another two Moonriver Lodge signs. Turn left and drive up following the bend. Stay on the road until you come to a gate in front of the building on the right side. Turn right pass the gate and immediately turn left. Continue on til the end of the drive way and park your car. You’re here!
  • If you start to drive pass Orang Asli settlements along the road, it is quite likely that you’ve missed the turning.
  • Word of caution: Please try to check in before dark as many people have had problems trying to get to our lodge at night. On some days (and nights), a heavy fog sets in along the roads, making it even more difficult to find us.

Car Rental

If you are travelling to Cameron Highlands from Ipoh (via bus or plane), you can rent a car from Ipoh and drive to Moonriver Lodge. Estimated daily rates for car rental are RM180 for a sedan and RM300 for a 7 seater MPV.

For car rentals, please visit or contact or +605 255 5510.

NOTE: Guests must make their own arrangements for car rentals. We are only providing the contact details for your convenience.

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