Getting Here: Without A Car

There are a few options for getting to Moonriver Lodge if you do not have a car. We advise all travellers to plan your journey well in advance to avoid confusion.

ON A BUDGET: Public transportation + shuttle transfer

For those who are budget conscious and keen on embarking on an adventure of navigating the Malaysian public transport system, here’s how you can save a few ringgits and still find your way to us.

  • You must make your way to Kampung Raja which is the closest town to Moonriver Lodge.
  • Take a public or chartered bus from the main bus stations in Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Ipoh to Cameron Highlands.
  • Before your bus departs, try to request the bus driver to drop you off at Kampung Raja. If he/she declines, you will be taken to the bus station at Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands.
  • From Tanah Rata, you may either take a taxi or a public bus to Kampung Raja. A taxi seats 4 persons and costs around RM80.00-90.00. The public bus heading towards Kampung Raja depart every 2 hours and cost about RM8.00.
  • We offer shuttle transfers between Kampung Raja and Moonriver Lodge for RM10/pax, one way and RM20/pax, return. Please book the shuttle transfer with us in advance and inform us your preferred pick up time. Pick up times are at 2.00pm or 5.00pm.
  • Once you arrive at Kampung Raja, you can have a meal or buy any necessary provisions. We will pick you up from the Kampung Raja bus stop where the bus dropped you off.
  • For your onward journey after Moonriver Lodge, we suggest buying a bus ticket in advance. If you are travelling to Kuala  Lumpur, Penang or Ipoh, you can buy a ticket from the counter at the Kampung Raja bus stop (see rates in the table below). If you are travelling to Taman Negara, you will need to book a transfer from Tanah Rata and stay overnight at Tanah Rata the night before your departure.
  • Important: We recommend for you to purchase tickets for your onward journey from the Kampung Raja bus stop instead of the Tanah Rata bus station. This is the only way you can board the bus from Kampung Raja. If you purchase tickets from Tanah Rata, you will have to make your way to Tanah Rata to board the bus.
Departure Point Arrival Point  Details* Price
Kampung Raja/Tanah Rata Tanah Rata/Kampung Raja Buses depart every 2 hours starting from 7.30am. No bookings required. RM8.00/pax
Kampung Raja Ipoh Bus Station Departure: 8.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 6.30pm RM24.00/pax
Kampung Raja Kuala Lumpur Departure: 7.30am, 8.30am, 4.00pm RM37.00/pax
Kampung Raja Penang (Georgetown) Departure: 8.30am, 10.00am, 4.00pm RM40.00/pax
Kampung Raja KLIA Departure: 7.00am, 4.00pm RM100.00/pax

*Guests must book their own tickets from the counter at the Kampung Raja bus stop although we are also able to assist in booking once guests have checked-in at the lodge. Prices quoted are subject to  increase.

EASY GOING: Chartered transfers

  • We can arrange transportation for you from Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur or Penang, subject to availability and charges. Please refer to the table below to choose what transfers you wish to book.  Please inform us when you make your booking and we will try our best to make your journey here as easy as possible.
Departure Point Arrival Point  Details Price*
Kampung Raja (Cameron Highlands) Moonriver Lodge One way transfer. Kampung Raja is the nearest town to Moonriver Lodge. Pick up timing is at 1400hrs or 1700hrs RM10.00/pax
Ipoh Moonriver Lodge One way transfer.  Not Available
Ipoh Moonriver Lodge Return transfer by private van. Maximum 10 pax. RM700.00/van
Kuala Lumpur/Moonriver Lodge Moonriver Lodge/Kuala Lumpur One way transfer. Van will drop you off at Kampung Raja where we will pick you up. Pick up/drop off centre: Pudu RM65.00/pax
Penang (Georgetown)/Moonriver Lodge Moonriver Lodge/Penang One way transfer. Van will drop you off at Kampung Raja where we will pick you up. Pick up/drop off centre: Georgetown RM60.00/pax
Singapore/Moonriver Lodge Moonriver Lodge/Singapore One way or return transfer. We can assist in booking a chartered coach or van for your group if you are coming from Singapore. A van can fit maximum 10 pax, and a coach can fit maximum 45 pax. Please book at least two weeks in advance. Please enquire with us upon booking.

*Prices quoted are subject to increase. Please check with us upon booking.

In addition, we can assist guests in booking a taxi for private transfers. However, please note that prices below are based on previous rates quoted by taxi drivers and may increase depending on season.

Taxi prices:

Departure Point Arrival Point  Details Price*
Ipoh Airport Moonriver Lodge One way taxi transfer. RM220-250/car
Moonriver Lodge Moonriver Lodge Taxi charter for Cameron Highlands area for 4-5 hours RM220.00/car

DIY: Car Rental

Exploring the area is easiest if you have your own car. If you are travelling to Cameron Highlands from Ipoh (via bus or plane), you can rent a car and drive to Moonriver Lodge. Estimated daily rates for car rental are RM200 for a sedan and RM320 for a 7 seater MPV. Please click here for driving directions to Moonriver Lodge.

For car rentals, please visit or contact or +605 255 5510.

NOTE: Guests must make their own arrangements for car rentals.  We are only providing the contact details for your convenience.