Getting Here: Public/Private Transportation

Here are a few options for getting to Moonriver Lodge if you do not have a car. Guests are advised to plan their journey well in advance to avoid confusion.

ON A BUDGET: Public transportation

For those who are budget conscious and keen on embarking on an adventure of navigating the Malaysian public transport system, here’s how you can save a few ringgit on your journey here.

  • Make your way to Kampung Raja which is the closest town to Moonriver Lodge.
  • Take a public or chartered bus from the main bus terminals in Kuala Lumpur [KL], Penang or Ipoh to Cameron Highlands.
  • Before the bus departs, try to request the bus driver to drop you off at Kampung Raja. If he/she declines, you will be taken to the bus station at Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands.
  • From Tanah Rata, you may either take a taxi or a public bus to Kampung Raja. A taxi seats 4 persons and costs around RM80-90. The public bus departs every 2 hours and costs around RM8-10.
  • For your onward journey after Moonriver Lodge, we suggest buying bus tickets in advance. If you are travelling to KL, Penang or Ipoh, you can buy a ticket from the counter at the Kampung Raja bus stop (rates in the table below). If you are travelling to Taman Negara, you will need to book a transfer from Tanah Rata and stay overnight at Tanah Rata the night before your departure.

Important: We recommend for you to purchase tickets for your onward journey from the Kampung Raja bus stop instead of the Tanah Rata bus station. This is the only way you can board the bus from Kampung Raja. If you purchase tickets from Tanah Rata, you will have to make your way there to board the bus.

         Kampung Raja bus stop
Departure Point Arrival Point  Schedule* Fare*
Tanah Rata Kampung Raja bus stop AM
08:00/ 08:20/ 09:00/ 10:00/ 11:00        PM                02:20/ 03:30/ 04:00/ 05:00/ 06:00 (Booking isn’t required.)
Kampung Raja Ipoh (Amanjaya Terminal) 8.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 6.30pm RM32.00/pax
Kampung Raja Kuala Lumpur (TBS-BTS) 07:20am, 09:00am, 11:00am RM42.00/pax
Kampung Raja Penang (Georgetown) 8.30am, 10.00am, 4.00pm RM52.00/pax
Kampung Raja KLIA 7.00am, 4.00pm RM150.00/pax

*Guests must book their OWN tickets from the counter at the Kampung Raja bus stop. Timings and fares may change from time to time. You may contact the operator directly at +(60)17 577 2742 for ticketing info.

In addition, we can assist guests in booking a taxi for private transfers. However, please note that fares below are based on previous rates quoted by taxi drivers and may increase depending on season*.

Departure Point Arrival Point  Details Fare*
Ipoh Airport Moonriver Lodge One way taxi transfer. RM220-250 /vehicle
Moonriver Lodge Ipoh Bus Station Taxi charter for Cameron Highlands area for 4-5 hours RM220 /vehicle


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