Moonriver Lodge

For Our Children’s Children

Moonriver Lodge is a family owned farmstay nestled in a valley of the lush mountains of Sigar Highlands. Here one can lie in a hammock, looking out into the garden at the green expanse that soothes the eyes and calms the soul. This is a space where children can roam freely along the food garden paths, run through the food tunnel and play with Blackie the rabbit or Godzilla the tortoise. This is a space where nature lovers can watch hummingbirds and butterflies drinking nectar from the flowers and listen out for the distant call of the monkeys.

Here at Moonriver Lodge, we seek to provide not just a relaxing stay but also the opportunity to learn about nature, growing food or to participate in day-to-day vegetable farming activities. Join a trek to see the second largest flower in the world – the magnificent Rafflesia Kerrii. Hop onto the back of our tractors for a farm tour or participate in one of our fun gardening programme to learn how food is grown. Harvest fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs from our kitchen garden to prepare a healthy, organic meal.

Whatever you do here at Moonriver Lodge, you are bound to leave our gates rejuvenated but with a heavy heart to part with a place you wish was your second home. Because that’s what we try to provide – a basic yet comfortable, beautiful home.

Come stay with us for a taste of country living in a highland hide-away, a “home away from home”.


Designed and hand built with love, the Lodge was initially established as an earthly home for the Khoo family and workers. It was the home-base for the pioneers as they live and work on the land, located in the rainforests of Lojing, Kelantan. The extensive and beautiful garden around Moonriver Lodge is a result of various experiments using Permaculture and natural farming methods over the past four years.

Encouraged by visiting friends and family to share the home with the rest of the world, Moonriver Lodge opened its doors to welcome guests in June 2010. From camping in crude make-shift tents to a decent roof above our heads, the Lodge further expanded as guests continue to encourage Moonriver Lodge to increase our capacity. We have since hosted many families and individuals seeking reprieve from urban life and a back to nature experience. It is the home and heart of the growing community in Sigar Highlands.

Click here to read how Moonriver Lodge was named.

Rainforest Conservation

In the past, the lush rainforest of Sigar Highlands has been logged more than three times for its precious wood. The secondary bamboo forest no longer contains the beautiful ancient native trees that once inhabited the land.

We have a vision to repopulate the jungle with native trees and to conserve the rainforest for future generations. We have grown and planted seedlings of forest trees back into the land with the hopes that most seedlings will thrive and grow into their magnificent selves. We hope to develop a beautiful forest where our children’s children can come to experience the rainforest the way it once was.

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