Our People

At Moonriver Lodge, you are welcomed into our home as friends and family. When we say, “Please make yourself at home,” we mean it from the bottom of our hearts.

The Pioneer Family:

Albert and Nancy Khoo
Here is the couple on the ground who made it all possible for Moonriver Lodge and Food Forest Farm. Albert, the commanding officer, can be seen riding all over the farm and surrounding areas at the back of a motorcycle, making sure there are no worms attacking the vegetables. Nancy is most often seen in the Lodge gardens tending to the flowers, beautifying the lodge and supporting workers in her motherly ways. Ask Nancy about her yummy ikan perut and she will show you all the herbs in the garden that you can use to make it.

PK and Billie
Moonriver Lodge’s very first hosts were PK and Billie. At the helm of the vision of Sigar Highlands, the dynamic couple works tirelessly to materialise all the dreams and fancy words into reality, split between Farm, Lodge & expansion works……all while juggling three feisty, mischievous but adorable children.

Your Hosts:

Diana : bookings, administrative
If you’re wondering who is behind the sweet voice from the Moonriver Lodge phone line handling your bookings and itinerary, look no further. Diana will answer all your questions. Don’t be fooled by her demure appearance, Diana can leash out witty comebacks without batting an eyelash and cook up a simple yet delicious Malaysian dish in two winks!

Tim: farm tour facilitator, host, big guy/protector
Tim is another facilitator and host for any Sigar Highlands event to the government officials who visits occasionally. He can transform our Garden Pavilion into a formal meeting area complete with a spread of kuih-muih (goodies) and awfully sweetened teh tarik.

Aunty Ruby : herbal tea extraordinaire, kitchen helper
If you’ve signed up for our signature Herbal Tea Tasting, most likely you will end up with Aunty Ruby. She will happily totter off to you the benefits of her favourite bitter Woodworm Tea and inform you all the different ways to expel wind from your body (thankfully she hasn’t resorted to a demonstration of the most common way to expel wind…yet). During the quieter periods at the lodge, she will be experimenting using recycled materials to decorate the lodge or making different jams and preserves to serve to unsuspecting guests.

Aunty Kim : cook
Her cheery demeanour upon greeting guests at the dining hall will draw anyone to her immediately like a duck takes to water. She whips out your wholesome and sumptuous breakfast, and if you have the chance, do try out her home-cooked favourites for lunch and dinner (pre-booked of course)! When there’s spare time, you might catch her making different au naturale spreads with Aunty Ruby to serve to guests or for sale.

Loida : housekeeper, gardener
You’ll see Loida doing a myriad of jobs around the lodge from cleaning to gardening to chopping fallen bamboo on the Water Valley Trail. He may appear shy at first with his basic understanding of English but his sincerity to assist shines from his eyes.

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