These following testimonials were extracted from reviews posted by our guests in our GuestBook, personal email and TripAdvisor.


” I like to tell you how much my family and I loved the lodge and the homestay with you. Moon River is very lovely, and well kept and we will definitely recommend to our friends. I believe that because of our stay at the lodge, it made our Cameron Highland trip so special. We were all very excited to see Rafflesia, and elated to hear the rooster waking us up every morning. The kids loved the space very much too, and not forgetting the swings. Without WIFI available is definitely a good idea so that we relearn how to live our lives without our phones. We are all full of praises for the lodge. Rubie was such a fantastic host to us and we loved her home cooked food very much.


Lilian Cheng & Family

June 2019


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