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So you’ve got a few extra days to spare. Stay at Moonriver Lodge and enjoy our warm hospitality. Lay back in our hammocks with a book. Watch the hummingbirds drink nectar from the flowers in our garden. Pick fresh vegetables and herbs from our garden to cook a fresh wholesome meal for your family. Break a sweat, go for a jungle trek to spot the rare Rafflesia Kerii, the second largest flower in the world. Give your children a learning experience of farm life while planting seeds and harvesting vegetables. Whatever you’re looking for, we can customise your stay-cation to transform the extra days into a memorable holiday.

Please complete the form below to assist us in customising your holiday. Kindly state preferred activities & tours before submitting the form. You may write in to info@moonriverlodge.com with your requests/ enquiries. Thanks!

CLICK HERE for description and list of activities/ tours available at Moonriver Lodge.


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