Things To Do

At Moonriver Lodge, we provide guests with more than just a place to stay. We don’t want you to have just another lazy holiday, we want you to get dirty and have fun! We offer the opportunity for you to interact with the earth, the plants and the food that you eat. Put on a hat, roll up your  sleeves and get your fingers dirty in beautiful dark earth to experience growing your own food. Or for the more adventurous, put on your hiking boots and follow a local Temiar into the depths of the rainforest in search for the elusive Rafflesia flower.

Please BOOK in advance as we cannot organise anything at the last minute.

Nature Treks

Mountain is the place that make you realize how tiny you and your problem are. Hike more and worry less. Join us and explore the natural beauty of this highland. Fresh air and muddy boots make everything better. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! Click here to see Rafflesia Flower trek.

Farm Tours (NOT AVAILABLE for now due to COVID-19 risk )

Hop on the back of a tractor/ truck and enjoy a half day tour at our very own Food Forest Farm (adjacent to the Lodge). A fun and guided activity to appreciate Mother Nature and her wonderful creations. There’s a green experience for every kid and adult here at Moonriver Lodge. Come and discover what life working on a farm feels like! Click here for a list of Green activities.

Cameron Highlands Tours

To make your stay easy going and pleasant, we work together with an external tour operator to arrange tours to main attractions at the neighbouring Cameron Highlands. Spare yourself the trouble, Click here to book a tour with us.

Activities at Moonriver Lodge

Are you an adventurer itching to put on your hiking boots to search for the elusive and magnificient Rafflesia flower? Are you seeking for a fun filled, educational experience for your city children who know nothing about growing  food? Seeking for a unique teambuilding retreat for your company? Click here to view the activities that we can organise for you.

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