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Moonriver Lodge and Garden Tour (Self- Guided)

Duration: 30 mins – 45 mins
Price: COMPLIMENTARY with staying Guests else RM10/adult, RM8/child

A leisurely introduction tour to the lodge, the surrounding gardens and waterfall garden where your guide will point out the various edible plants and Permaculture designs. A tour that engages your senses as you see the different colours of the garden, feel the sharp thorn of the Thai lemon tree, smell the fragrance of the rosemary herb and taste the freshness of the spearmint.

Food Forest Farm Tour

Duration: 1.5-2 hours ( 9:30am or 4:00pm)

Minimum 10 pax

Price: RM35/adult , RM30/child (4-12 yrs)

A leisurely tour to visit our Food Forest Farm. You will gather an understanding on how our hydroponic system works using the Autopot system. Simultaneously, you will be visiting our organic vegetable plots to see the difference between hydroponic and organic planting. Harvest some vegetables and taste the difference of a freshly harvested tomato. During the tour, the kids will have a fun and memorable ride at the back of our farm tractor or truck!

Gardening For Food Programme

Half programme: 2-3 hours, minimum 10 pax
Price: RM90/pax

Full programme: 3.5-5 hours, minimum 20 pax
Price: RM140/pax

Work in teams and get your hands dirty with some gardening work such as planting seeds in the nursery, preparation of garden beds, planting vegetables and harvesting vegetables. Understand where your food comes from, how it grows and how the seeds look like. A fun and guided activity to appreciate Mother Nature and her wonderful creations. Come and experience what life working on a farm feels like!

MRL Farm Challenge

Duration: 3.5-5 hours
Minimum 25 pax
Price: RM150/pax

Our new and exciting programme designed for school groups and team building. Similar to a mini-Amazing Race, you will work in teams to figure out clues and complete tasks/challenges whilst learning about farmwork, Permaculture design and more about our farm lodge. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and come with an open mind! 

Rafflesia Flower Trek

Duration: 4-5 hours ( 9am -2pm)
Minimum 5 pax and age 6yrs and above

Difficulty  : Beginner – Intermediate
Price: RM80/pax

A half day trek  into the Lojing forest area to see the Rafflesia Kerrii (second largest flower in the world) in its various flowering stages. These flowers are protected by the local Temiars whom we engage directly as part of working with the local community. The trek ends with a packed lunch and a cool dip in the waterfall.