Since our humble beginnings, many people have contributed their time, energy and love to the land on which Moonriver Lodge now stands. These were passionate strangers who found that our beliefs and work resonated with them. Some of them were travelers from distant lands, some of them were from our very own homeland. Regardless of their origins, they worked together with us, sweating under the hot sun, sharing a meal and enjoying each other’s company. Each of them walked into Moonriver Lodge a stranger, but each of them walked out a friend.

In keeping with our tradition, we continue to accept volunteers or WWOOFers* at Moonriver Lodge. At Moonriver Lodge, volunteers are exposed to a wide variety of tasks and will learn new skills that they may never have explored before. There is also an opportunity to learn more about hospitality and farming.


Volunteers will be expected to do a combination of lodge and farm work, depending on our current priority. Lodge work includes housekeeping, cleaning and assisting in preparing meals. Farm work includes sorting and packing vegetables, planting and maintaining plants. We may also decide to assign volunteers to a specific project if they have skills that are of interest to us. We look for volunteers who are independent, energetic, flexible and those who aren’t afraid of hard or mundane work! As we are a bed and breakfast, volunteers must maintain cleanliness around the lodge at all times for the comfort of our guests. Volunteers will stay in our staff rooms at the lodge and may occasionally be required to share rooms with volunteers of the same gender if we have more than one volunteer.

At Moonriver Lodge, we usually limit volunteers to stay a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 10 days. If volunteers wish to extend their stay, we can review this at the end of their stay.

Unlike other WWOOF hosts, we usually do not provide meals for volunteers. Volunteers will prepare their own meal and they can use vegetables from our farm. Volunteers will be given a small allowance to purchase other necessities such as rice, cooking oil, condiments, noodles or meat. However, if we are there, then we will be most happy to cook and eat together with you.

Please note that we have mobile and Wifi connection (on purchase) at the lodge.

*WWOOF stands for Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms or Willing Workers on Organic Farms. Learn more about them at www.wwoofindependents.org 

If you would like to volunteer with us, please fill in the contact form below and specify the dates you are available.

Volunteer Gallery

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